We, here at Switch Idea value your time and therefore have made it possible for you to post an internship on our platform without creating an account, in case of urgency.

Here’s how you can do this:

1. Go to Switch Idea (Employer Tab)

2. 2. Click on Post Opening button.

3. Add your user details such as Name, Email and Phone number.

4. Next, add your project details such as Internship Title, Category, Location, Job Type (select Internship) and Compensation.

5. After this, go ahead and fill up your internship description in the text box titled Description.

6. Add the skills required for the job by keying them in into the Skills field. This field will auto-complete with suggestions in order to make it easier for you.

7. After skills have been added, you can optionally add Responsibilities and Perks (travel expenses, free lunch, weekend movie passes, sodexo coupons, etc). Our internal placement team recorded - companies who added perks and fair compensation in their internship posting - saw a 60% increase in receiving quality applications.

8. Click the submit button once all this information is filled up.

9. You reach a screen which asks you to add your company name and website.

10. Upload your company logo and official website address.

11. After adding this information, click submit and your internship-posting will be recorded on our system.

Please note:

1. We take a maximum of 24 hours to verify and approve/reject a particular internship opening.

2. If you choose this option to post your first internship opening, you will receive an e-mail in your inbox with a automatically generated password. You can use this password to log into your newly created Switch Idea account.