After successful registration and profile verification, you're eligible for following premium features and exclusive services:

i) 800+ Verified Internship Projects: Every company registering on Switch Idea is manually verified by our Placement Team. This includes multiple checks: address, owners or key executives, identity of recruiter, compensation commitment. This helps students get access only to the verified workplaces.

ii) Dedicated Internship Helpline: Getting a dedicated helpline number means, we won't re-route you to an outsourced helpline, but instead we'll have you talk to a full-time Switch Idea expert either by email or by phone.

iii) Industry-Academia Assistance: Being a student you may face multiple instances like requiring permission for internship from your HOD/Principal. Switch Idea helps you have resourceful formats ready so that they can allow you for the internship without falling short on attendance.

iv) Application Tracking and HR Reports: Get real-time email notifications when employers sees your profile or reads your application. This helps you understand who has looked at your profile in the last 90 days, and can provide additional trends and insights about HR's.

v) Fixed Delivery Assets: Our placement team works closely with HR's to ensure that every intern receives an internship certificate, a documented project report (signed and stamped by HR) and a fair stipend after the completion of intership.

vi) Attract Employers with a Digital Profile: Personalize your profile to stand out to over 1800+ employers. Get invited to apply to internship projects by companies that see your profile and want you to work for them.

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